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Oxygen Bar at Body & Sol

Oxygen Bar at Body & Sol

FREE Oxygen Bar Sessions on Saturdays!


Come in & relieve that self induced headache from Friday nights festivities!

Great for: Migraines, post work-out muscle relief, hang-overs & it is a fact that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich envoirnment.

Awesome for singers & A great brain boost before a big test, meeting or interview!

Oxygen Bar has 2 delivery stations. (personal nose hose required & available)

Oxygen used before or after sunbed use may increase melanin production. It helps give you a deeper, darker, richer tan with less chance of burning.” Only 1 credit per minute & included in ALL memberships!


“Clearly, this O2 business is not to be sniffed at!” “A new way of getting high…and reduces stress, counteracts aging” - HEAT Magazine, Los Angeles

“A mild high, one (high) that made one oxygen-therapy virgin feel, well, a bit “smiley”.” – Booth Moore, L.A. Times

Want to boost your energy, reduce stress, and get relief from headaches and hangovers? Try oxygen bars, say proponents… Juice Bars, Wine Bars. Coffee Bars. And now… Oxygen Bars? Yep, popping up all over the U.S. (as well as Canada and Japan, where the craze is thought to have begun because of the serious air pollution there), oxygen bars sell “hits” of 90% oxygen…… “It invigorated me” said Kristi Huddelson, owner, who said she wants to share the experience with others. – WebMD Feature.

“Remember, one of the perks of not getting your guests loaded is that you can stay open longer” …and ” the healthful alternative to drug and alcohol” – Heidi Seigmund, L.A. Times

Oxygen is being hailed as the latest cure for aging skin. Linda Slater reports. Throw out those AHAs and invest in some air. Oxygen is taking over as the latest word in beauty. Stars gasping for air include Uma Thurman, famous for her dewy skin, and a fan of the “double oxygen facial”. Remede, the hot favorite at New York’s Bliss Spa, the salon frequented by Calvin Klein, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington, is said to release oxygen every 40 minutes over each 12 hours. - Linda Slater, Oxygen Access Co Ltd

“It (Oxygen used to finish off a facial), is a bit like choosing the wax option at the end of a car wash. And it has remarkably similar results – your skin glows.” – American Vogue

According to Newby Hands, director of health and beauty at Harpers & Queen, the enhancing effects of oxygen are not new to nurses.”It is well known, within hospitals, that if you arrive for work feeling a little rough after a heavy night, a quick blast with a patient’s oxygen mask will make you look, and feel, much better. I’m sure doctors do it too, although I’ve never found one who will admit to it.” - Linda Slater, Oxygen Access Co Ltd

“I have more energy…I miss it when I don’t get it.” – Maxwell, 52

“I used to live with a nasal spray up my nose”…”But since becoming an air head, I feel great” – Shireen Odho, 49

“I came in stressed-out,and now I feel like I’ve done an hour of yoga.” – Alex Mohler, 35;

“Devotees claim their oxygen hits are cure everything from hangovers to headaches.” - People Magazine

“Suck on clean air while you’re sipping a Screwdriver, and you won’t be hammered in the morning.” - Steven Andiloro, Charolette N. Carolina newspaper

“Increases alertness, improves the body’s ability to burn fat and enhances physical performance” - Howard Robbins D.P.M., for The Journal

“Testimonials also include reports of people who experience increased energy levels and fewer colds” – Dr. Otto Warburg

“Health benefits that range from boosting energy and the immune system to relieving headaches and stress” …and “you can go on a bender — without risking a hangover!” – Jennifer Hanrahan, L.A. LIFE

“Where else can you buy air that tastes like orange or mint” - Burke, Freelance Producer – E! Entertainment Network

“There are no hangovers here, but people still get off” - Dr. D for the Boston Globe

"This is wild!" she said, eyes wide with amazement. "I had a headache and now, it’s gone." She turned to Adams. "Why don’t companies pay you to dump this into their air systems?" - Marnie Wrenn, By Melanie McFarland - Seattle Union Record

“I left giggling. And look, ma, no hangover.” - Victoria Jayne Joyce, SF Station Magazine

Tired and depressed? Orange-flavored oxygen will perk you up. Suffering from a hangover, jet lag or a migraine? Got the sniffles? O2 will help put you back on track. For better results, take a 5hr Energy booster shooter (available at the counter) before your session! – all adding up to what Oxyvital touts as “a 20-minute vacation for the body and soul.” - Kavitha Rao / Hong Kong

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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