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Free BodySculpt Consultation! Call 608-386-1264 Today.A Quick Look at BodySculpt and Ultrasound Cavitation Technology. BodySculpt Offers:

  • A New Path to Wellness and Beauty
  • Non-invasive and Non-surgical Ultrasound Lipo and Body Sculpting
  • Immediate Visible Results
  • Safely Remove Fat Cells and Cellulite Permanently
  • Low-cost, painless alternative to Freezing techniques and traditional Invasive Plastic Surgery

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a cyclic sound pressure wave with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. Ultrasound is utilized in many different fields including human medicine and body contouring! Ultrasonic Energy (ultrasound) is successfully utilized in order to bring about fat cell lysis. Here we will try to explain how this is feasible. Ultrasonic energy can be delivered either in two different forms: Focused and Non-focused. While non-focused delivery can bring about damage in skin cells when only a minimal amount of the energy will reach the fat cells, focused ultrasonic energy is the ideal method in terms of lipolysis and is what we use.

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What is Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment?

Ultrasound cavitation is a revolutionary fat reduction and body sculpting treatment that offer consumers a safe, painless, and non-intrusive way to remove unwanted fat deposits. Ultrasound cavitation is a natural phenomenon that occurs when low frequency ultrasound is directed at fat cells, creating bubbles inside them that gradually grow. Since fat cell membranes do not have the structural capacity to withstand ultrasound vibrations, they eventually implode reducing them to their liquid form triglyceride and gases that are harmlessly discharged through the pulmonary systems. In other words you will pee out this unwanted substance.

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Before and After BodySculpt - 1 Session

Before and After BodySculpt - 7 Sessions Before and After BodySculpt - 3 Sessions

How does the technology work?

The focused ultrasound waves' resonant frequency can bring about the creation of thousands of microscopic bubbles of air around the membranes of the fat cells. These bubbles cause high pressure round the cells. Observation on histological characteristics of the fat cells showed that what happens is an obvious alteration in fat cell tissue, a changing of tissue connecting fat cells, while an irregular arrangement of collagen fibers in this tissue takes place. This causes the breaking of the membrane and subsequently the destruction of these fat cells and the release of triglycerides and cholesterol. In addition it's proven that this ultrasound energy is a signal for apoptosis (programmed cell death) of fat cells. The broken cells are removed via the liver and are metabolized out of the body. This is why you should drink as much water as possible after an ultrasonic session.

How the BodySculpt Technology and Treatments Work

How do treatments work?

Following an initial consultation with a qualified BodySculpt trained technician, your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs. Each treatment usually takes around 40 minutes. During this time a small paddle is simply moved over the area you wish to contour or smooth and the process is completely non-invasive and totally pain free.

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How often, where can it be used and what does it feel like?

BodySculpt can be used for up to 40 minutes at a time per area, a maximum of twice a week on your upper arms, tummy, bottom and thighs. It cannot be used on your face, neck or near vital organs such as heart, lungs, etc. and you have to be fairly physically fit (under 30 BMI) and not on medication to use it (review contraindications with our trained technician). It is a totally pain-free way of contouring and sculpting your body. When using BodySculpt, most people describe the BodySculpt attachment as warm to moderately warm as it is moved along your body. Similar to a warm Stone Massage.

Who can use BodySculpt and what can I expect to achieve?

BodySculpt is perfect for both men and women who want to slim down stubborn areas of their body that are not affected by exercise alone. Results can often be seen shortly after you finish your first session. What’s even better is the process continues to work over a number of weeks as the body naturally clears the fatty deposits without any surgery or pain. You can expect to be slimmer and have less cellulite.

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